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Feature Item:
Let's Talk, Let's Listen Too
An Innovative Program Using Stories, Skits, and Games to Help Families Learn Communication Skills When parents and children freely express their feelings, listen to each other, and avoid giving mixed messages, they have learned to communicate effectively. Unfortunately, this skill does not come naturally; it must be learned. By identifying communication barriers and exploring the value of commication building blocks, this practical book encourages family members to talk and listen to each other. Uses Bible verses to teach. Great Book! $7.00 $4.00****

Great Books at Bargain Prices!

A Beka Joshua and Judges Student Study Outline - Grade 8. $3.00


A Beka Joshua and Judges Student Study Outline - Grade 8. $3.00



Language Arts

Writing for Success by Verbal Advantage $20.00
Dr. Richard Lederer and Richard Dowis have created a user-friendly course which will teach you how to imbue your writing with clarity and style…what works and what doesn't…and how you can dramatically increase your writing ability by remembering a handful of essential rules.

You'll be able to express your thoughts clearly and convincingly whether you are sending an e-mail or preparing an important business report. This fascinating audio program shows you:
•How to eliminate the "7 Deadly Syntaxes."
•How to rate your writing with the "5-C's Checklist"
•How to revise and edit adequate writing to make it good - and good writing to make it better.
•How to use the Inverted Pyramid to turn your writing around.
•How to overcome the dreaded "Writers Block."
Retails for $59.95 plus postage

National Writing Institute Gentle Steps to Writing Skill Book Two $6.00

How to Teach Spelling Set by Educators Publishing Service (EPS) $12.00

How to Teach Spelling ISBN 0-8388-1847-1
Workbook 3 ISBN 08388-1852-8
Workbook 4 ISBN 0-8388-1854-4

Wordsmith - A creative Writing Course for Young People by Janie B. Cheaney $7.00
Includes student workbook and teacher guide.

The Write Stuff Adventure - Exploring the Art of Writing by Dean Rea $9.00
Young writers need encouragement and training, and this resource delivers plenty of both! Combining editorial knowledge with a nurturing approach, Rea leads students through the basics of the writing process. From penning letters and essays to creating ad copy and news articles, this guide helps kids develop the confidence and skills writers need to succeed.

Barron's Essentials of English $3.00
A practical handbook of grammar and effective writing techniques.

Any Child Can Write by Harvey S. Weiner $4.00

The Yearling Progeny Press Study Guide $2.00

The Scarlet Letter Progeny Press Study Guide $3.00

Winston Grammar Program Set: $4.00

I am not sure if everything is here. This is pretty old. 14 of the 30 worksheets are in the basic level student workbook but have been completed by a student and graded. I do see some cards with parts of speech in the bag. It also comes with the Basic Level Teacher’s Manual.
A Beka Of Places Literature Grade 8 Student Text $4.00
Student Text 16985

SMART TAPES Winning Vocabulary $5.00
2 Tapes & Pocket Guide
Great for car rides!

Italic Handwriting Series by Getty & Dubay $5.00
Includes Book C - Basic & Cursive and the instruction manual.

The Better Letter Book - A Letter-Writing Guide for Kids.  Grades 3-6  $2.00

Various Reading Comprehension Workbooks - Includes answer keys in the back of the books.
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Level 5 $2.00
Reading Comprehension Workbook - Level 6 $2.00
Reading Comprehension Workbook - Level 7 $2.00


A Beka Plane Geometry Set $45.00
17043 Plane Geometry
46477 Plane Geometry Solution Key
45985 Plane Geometry Tests and Quizzes
45993 Plane Geometry Test and Quiz Key
66478 Plane Geometry Video Lesson Plan
67075 Plane Geometry Video Student Practice Sets

A Beka Trigonometry Set $40.00
58947 Trigonometry with Tables
46043 Trigonometry Answer Key
46051 Trigonometry Solution Key
23795 Trigonometry Quiz & Test Booklet
23809 Trigonometry Quiz & Test Key


Blood and Guts Scholastic Book by Linda Allison $3.00
Really interesting book for inquiring minds!

Bob Jones Science 5 Set $5.00

Bob Jones Science 5 Student Text 05721601
Teacher’s Edition 051656
A Beka Science in Action - A Science Project Guide  & Student Book 58769 & 23221 $4.00
A Beka Science in Action - A Science Project Guide 58769 $2.00


Social Studies/History

Economics Set: School of Tomorrow Social Studies #1139-#1144 COMPLETE SET $10.00
Student Books
Activity Pacs
Score Keys
Famous Men of Greece Pronunciation Tape $1.00
A Beka United States History Heritage of Freedom Grade 11 Student Tests $2.00

The Federalist Papers $3.00

Economics: Principles and Policy from a Christian Perspective by Tom Rose $12.00
Set includes:
Student book
Instructor's manual



Contenders for the Faith Book $3.00

Contenders for the Faith Badges:Home Care $ .50
Contenders for the Faith Badges:Pocketknife $ .50
Contenders for the Faith Badges:Health & Fitness $ .50
Contenders for the Faith Badges:Computer $ .50
Contenders for the Faith Badges: Chess $ .50
Self-Pac of Basic Education 121-132 (Item #3121-#3132)$4.00
PLEASE NOTE: These are probably discontinued.  I Have no idea what these are. They start out discussing church government in the first book and then move onto government up to present day.These don’t appear to be sold anymore through this company. These numbers now list New Testament Church History at their website. I have the student books and test but no keys, so I’m selling cheap! Accelerated Christian Education –

Professional Records and Information Management $5.00
Includes floppy disk. This is a $30 college book.

Essentials of Management Information Systems $5.00
Includes CD. This is a college book.

Management $5.00
Includes CD.  This is a college book.

College/SAT Prep

All of these books are at least half price!!!
Even if your older children are in school somewhere else, these are GREAT books to get for them at bargain prices!

Campus-Free College Degrees 7th Edition $5.00

Thorson’s Guide to Accredited Distance Learning Degree Programs

Winning Scholarships for College - An Insider's Guide by Marianne Ragins $6.00
Marianne Ragins is the winner of more than $400,000 in scholarship money.

On Writing the College Application Essay by Harry Bauld $5.00
Secrets of a former Ivy League admissions officer
The Key to Acceptance at the college of your choice

Get Into Any College by Jim Good & Lisa Lee $8.00
Taken from the front cover:
The Best College Admissions Book by Students from America's #1 College
Secrets of Harvard Students
How to Get Free Cash for College
Tips for Parents & 9th - 11th Graders
How to Ace the SAT & ACT
23 Actual College Essays

50 Successful Harvard Application Essays $6.00
With analysis by the staff of the HARVARD CRIMSON

The SAT & College Preparation Course for the Christian Student by James Pl Stobaugh $7.00
How to:
Build disciplined study skills
Develop an extensive vocabulary
Improve reading comprehension & critical thinking

Barron's How to Prepare for the PSAT/NMSQT $5.00

College Applications & Essays $3.00
What to Say and How to Say It - in 10 Easy Steps!
BONUS!  All about Electronic Applications

Barron's Essays That Will Get You Into College $4.00
Model essays to inspire you sound advice to get you started!

Essays That Worked $4.00
50 Essays from Successful Applications to the nation's Top Colleges with Comments from Admissions Officers

How to Go to College Almost for Free by Benjamin R. Kaplan $9.00
The Secrets of Winning Scholarship Money
The author won enough scholarship money to cover virtually the entire cost of attending Harvard.  In this book, he reveals proven strategies and guerrilla tactics to help you win money for college.

The Best College Admission Essays $4.00
Successful Application Essays from Students at America's Top Colleges and Unaiversities

100 Successful College Application Essays $3.00
With Invaluable Inside Advice from College Counselors and Admissions Officers

Money Management & Making Money Books for Children and Teens
These are all really great books at bargain prices!!! Your kids will love these!

Capitalism for Kids by Karl Hess $5.00
Growing Up To Be Your Own Boss

50 Great Business for Teen by Sarah L. Riehm $7.00
How to Start Your Own Business - and Make Big Bucks!

Fast Cash for Kids by Bonnie and Noel Drew $7.00
Second Edition
Young entrepreneurs learn the value of money through hundreds of money-making activities and a step-by-step business plan to guide kids as well as concerned parents and teachers.

Family Tree Maker Version 3.0 Deluxe CD-Rom Addition $5.00
The best way to Preserve and Organize Your Family History
Includes CD-ROM and a 463 page software guide. The CD has neve been opened. Windows95.

Miscellaneous Items

Confident Kids Let’s Talk, Let’s Listen Too $4.00
An Innovative Program Using Stories, Skits, and Games to Help Families Learn Communication Skills
Today's Hottest Collectibles 2nd Edition $4.00
From the publishers of Today's Collector and Toy Shop
Dyslexia Book & Tape Set $7.00
The Gift of Dyslexia - Why some of the smartest people can't read and how they can learn - Ronald D. Davis. This 214 page book also comes with three cassette tapes by the author discussing dyslexia. The tapes are: Discovery, Answers & Symptoms.
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